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Virtual Tour of Avalon

Come on a Virtual Tour of Glastonbury

With Story Telling and Exploration Videos 

from the Sacred Sites of Avalon

Perfect for Self-Guided Visits or to expand your

knowledge and Stories for your Group! 

Digital Tour Guide Oliver Huntley Introduces this

guided Journey and what we will be exploring!

The Energies of Ancient Avalon are Calling to many now…..

Have you felt this call?

A silent and powerful magic radiates from land here in Avalon. A place of such ancient wisdom that is once again coming online to help us step into our true wholeness and to activate our Sacred Missions..


Avalon was a wisdom and teaching center of the Druids… keepers of the primordial Earth Mother / Womb frequencies… and a land so often called the Heart Chakra of the planet. Here you will find a magic and power few other places in the world hold. And it is this energy and these codes that are calling to many now. Reaching out across time and space to the hearts of those that are ready to receive them.   


This is a place none come by chance… and in truth.. If you are being called here now… it is because you have been here before..

and it is time to return home once again

This will be the perfect experience for anyone who is feeling the magic of avalon but cannot travel here for the in person experience!! 

Places we will be visiting Virtually:


Chalice Well & Gardens

The Chalice Well & Gardens is where the Red Spring Waters flow...

These Sacred & Ancient Waters are rich in Iron and renowned for its Healing properties.

We will explore this Sacred Site, learning of its importance and connection to the Divine Feminine and to the Priestess path of Avalon


Glastonbury Abbey

Here on these sacred grounds lies the connection from the Ancient Druid Past into the True Teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene in Glastonbury..

We will explore the ruins of this ancient Church and Temple.. learning about Joseph of Arimathea (Uncle of Jesus) and why this site is the Ancient Heart of Avalon.




The Tor &

The Egg Stone

One of the Sacred Hills of Avalon..

We will walk up and around this powerful hill. Exploring some of its hidden sites as we make our way to the top.


We will hear stories of its ancient past and what it meant to the Druids... both on its surface and also what mysteries and secrets are contained inside this hill.


Wearyall Hill

One of the Sacred Hills of Avalon...

Wearyall Hill carries with it a magic and history that spans the time of the Ancient Druids all the way to present day..


We will visit and climb this hill.. learning what this place meant to the High Priestesses of the Druids... and why this hill is directly connected to Jesus through the "Holy Thorn" tree.

Once you purchase the Avalon Virtual Tour...

You will Receive an email where you can gain access to the the Course Material private facebook group page. 

**Check your promotion/Other folder for email*

Cost of the Virtual Tour Package:

£144 USD

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