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An 8 Part Journey into Ancient Aramaic Wisdom 

- With Guided Toning & Gnostic Story Telling

The Aramaic Light of Wisdom course

Course Facilitators Dale Allen Hoffman and Oliver Huntley Introduce the course
and what we will be exploring during the Course

Come Join Dale & Oliver as they create a

thought provoking and awakening journey

exploring 8 Important Aramaic Words & Phrases

Offering a deep translation and understanding to what these Essential Keys in Ancient Aramaic truly Mean...

Kingdom of heaven


The kingdoms of God and Heaven are referenced throughout the bible. How do we understand the Kingdom of heaven? And even more importantly, how do we find it? is it truly somewhere outside or perhaps can it be found within?..

The Devil


Are the forces of evil and darkness real? Did Yeshua share insights about hell, Satan and temptation that reveal the truth of our own internal warfare as well as how to realize wholeness?..



The ancient Aramaic understanding of prayer reveals a process of tuning into and/or ensnaring the Eternal forces of Creation in our midst. How can we use the ancient understanding of prayer to unlock the indispensable key to the process of conscious creation?..

Spirit / Breath


Is it a coincidence that Spirit & Breath share the same word in Aramaic? What unites these 2 words as the same in the ancient teachings and scriptures?..



The Sacred Void of infinite depth... where all of life and creation is birthed from. What did the ancient masters and teachers mean when they would invoke the word of WOMB?...

Mary Magdalene's name


Mary Magdalene is one of the most exciting and mysterious figures of the bible. Could her original Aramaic name hold clues to who she was and what she taught?...

Be Open / Empty


Before he gave a healing, Yeshua would ask for one thing...

To be open.. to be empty. What does it mean to be truly "open" and "empty".. and what can you do with the space you have created?...

Father / Mother


A deeper understanding of the ancient meaning of the words mother and father contain within them the transcendence of their apparent duality. How can we utilize these paired forces to consciously bring ourselves into the Holiness of Sacred Balance?..

 Each week we will be exploring 1 word/ Phrase

& sharing 3 video transmissions to go along with it

  • A joint Live Video call where we will be discussing and exploring the translations and Scripture implications of the Aramaic word /phrase

  • Dale will be leading an Aramaic Toning Journey

  • Oliver will be offering some Gnostic story telling to explore some deeper meaning and nature of the word

Course Format:

The course will unfold over 8 Parts in a private facebook group. All of the course weekly content will be posted in the group page.

Once you Enroll in the course, you will be emailed a link to join to private facebook group.

*Videos will also be made available privately on Youtube for those who do not use facebook. 

We are so excited to see all of you there! 

Cost: £144 USD

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