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The Celtic Church

Come on a Journey 

into the Ancient Lands of Avalon.....

Mysteries of Avalon
Group Retreats

Come on a Journey 

into the Ancient Lands of Avalon.....

 Private Group Bookings

 Are you Bringing a group to Avalon and Looking for a Tour Guide?

I offer guided Adventures and pilgrimages for Groups... 
Exploring the Lost Stories, Mysteries & Sacred Sites of Glastonbury, UK

The Energies of Ancient Avalon are Calling to many now…..

Have you felt this call?

A silent and powerful magic radiates from land here in Avalon. A place of such ancient wisdom that is once again coming online to help us step into our true wholeness and to activate our Sacred Missions..


Avalon was a wisdom and teaching center of the Druids… keepers of the primordial Earth Mother / Womb frequencies… and a land so often called the Heart Chakra of the planet. Here you will find a magic and power few other places in the world hold. And it is this energy and these codes that are calling to many now. Reaching out across time and space to the hearts of those that are ready to receive them.   


This is a place none come by chance… and in truth.. If you are being called here now… it is because you have been here before and it is time to return home once again

A Pilgrimage into the Sacred Sites of Avalon & Surrounding Areas

Avalon is an ancient Island filled with Sacred Sites just waiting to be explored....

We will walk these ancient lands and you will hear forgotten stories and histories of these sites

while we connect deeply to their energies and magic.

The Holy Waters of Avalon

The Healing & Holy Waters of Avalon have flowed from the land for thousands of years....

These healing waters have been central to the ancient rites and magic and traditions of this land.

We will be exploring the different Holy Wells & Spring Sites in and around Glastonbury... and you will come into deep connection with these potent waters.... having the chance to touch, drink, and even bathe in their magic

Standing Stones of the Druids

Standing Stones and Henges were power places of worship and ceremony in the Ancient Druid Past, yet their true meaning and purpose is still shrouded in mystery.... 

We will journey to these ancient stone sites and you will meet these powerful stone beings. We will walk in their presence and be guided in how to connect with them, to listen to them, and be healed by their magic. 

Ancient Sites of Worship

Avalon has a rich history woven through many timelines... and the Truth to many of these ancient "Christian" sites has been forgotten.. waiting to be remembered...

We will be exploring the Lost Gnostic past of Avalon by exploring her Ancient Cathedrals, Churches and Chapels. Sharing forgotten histories & stories of the Real Jesus, Mary Magdalene and other key figures of the Essenes.... and how these sites became entwined with Celtic and Druid Mystical Lore long before the emergence of Modern Christianity. 

The Sacred Hills of Avalon

The landscape of Glastonbury is just as important as her History. Woven into the magic of this land are a series of Ancient Hills which are home to many legends & stories. And we will be making a pilgrimage to these Sacred Hills.... 


As we climb and walk these hills....We will be hearing stories of what these Hills meant to the ancient peoples of this land, why they were important, how these hills were used for ceremony & rituals, and even connecting to what still resides inside of them. 

Ready to Come Home to Avalon?!

You can Book a Group Retreat experience ranging from

 2 to 6 days in length.  


Location: Glastonbury, UK & Surrounding Areas

Once you purchase your retreat package, we will have a retreat preparation call to pick the perfect time to come and to custom create an experience that will be truly magical and exciting for you! 


You will also receive a welcome video and PDF Welcome Guide (with recommended accommodations, travel info, and supply list) to help prepare you for your sacred journey! 

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Guided Group Journeys into the

Sacred Sites of Avalon

  • 7 hours each day (Including a 1 Hour Lunch Break)

  • Special Private Access and Experience at some sites!

  • Groups can be 2 - 12 people - Larger groups can be accommodated by request*

Price per Day

£555 GBP

For Availability and Any Other Questions Please Email: 

* All Entry Fees during retreat included in price. (Excluding Group Retreats)

*Accommodations & Food not Included in price. 

*Please confirm all travel dates and your travel documents - We cannot be responsible or offer refunds for issues with flights or travel documentation. If there is an issue and you need to cancel your retreat for any reason, a refund credit will be offered for another retreat time* 

About Your Guide

Oliver's background in Mystery School Wisdom comes from Essene, Ancient Egypt, and Druid Teachings & Initiations.


With a deep connection to the Mysteries of Avalon.. he will weave together a story long forgotten about the ancient origins of this land.. and hows its magic spans many cycles of time including the Druids, Christ and the Essenes, The legends of King Arthur, and how all of that influences our modern era. 

With our Feet on the ground and hearts wide open.. he will take you on a powerful journey through these lands, its sacred sites, and energy vortexes... bringing through profound healing and remembrance 

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