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Jesus in Avalon

A Journey into the Stories and Legends of Jesus in Avalon 

An Introduction into the Lost Years of Jesus

Exploring the Foundations of Jesus's Lost Years and his travels around the world to the Mystery School Centers... setting the stage for all the stories that will be shared in this course... 

Why are there so many legends

of Jesus spending time in the UK???


In this Offering... I have put together some of my favorite stories & Legends about the "lost years" of jesus..

Specifically focusing on the times when he was in the ancient lands of Avalon and surrounding UK sites...

- What Places did he visit in Avalon? 

- What initiations did he go through

with the Ancient Elders and Priestess of the Druids?

 - How did his time here in Avalon shape his future Christed Teachings?

Once you Purchase the Course...

You will gain access to all 16 videos

(8 Storytelling Videos)

along with access to a private facebook group where you can connect and share with others who are doing this course!

Price of Course - £111

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