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The Celtic Church

An Online Journey into the Stories and Transmissions of The Celtic Church

- Along with Guest Teachers, Celtic Sound Healing, & Gnostic Aramaic Lesson

16 video course Series


Course Facilitators Ryan McKenna & Oliver Huntley Introduce the course

Come Join Ryan & Oliver as we bring you on beautiful  journey into Celtic Christianity.

We will be exploring some of the Pagan druidic roots, religious Traditions & sites, and important figures of the Celtic Church

The Course will unfold over 8 Weeks....

And will have a total of 16 Live Video Transmissions....

all videos are recorded and posted after!

Exploring 3 Areas of Celtic Christianity

Druid Spirituality


Sophianic Descent

Understanding the "Descension Pathway"

Ancient Rites and Teachings of connecting to our bodies

and Nature

Temples of the Earth

 Exploring the Nature-Based "Sacred Sites" of the Druids.

And what made these places so special to the ancient ones

Druid Spirituality Animism

Connecting with the plant, animal and elemental kingdoms 

The Celtic Cross

Exploring the Pagan Roots of this Iconic Symbol of Celtic Christianity 

Celtic Church History & Sites


The "Circle" Schools

The Earliest "Schools" of Celtic Christianity were known as "Cors" or Circles. Places where the Teachings of the Druids and Christ were blended to form the Celtic Church.

The Mother Church

Why was ancient Wales and the Silurian Royal Family were so important to early Christianity? Tracing the path of the "Grail" and the Foundations of the earliest Celtic Churches

The Sacred Isle of Iona

 A journey to ‘Innis nam Druidhneach’ (the island of the Druids) which became the birthplace of Celtic Christianity in Scotland.

The Enigma of Roslyn Chapel

 Learn about the myth, legend and history of Roslyn Chapel - one of the most powerful Sacred Sites in all of the British Isles.

Important Celtic Christian Figures


Bran The Blessed

The Legendary Druid King who was at the center where the druids became the earliest Celtic Christians

Joseph of Arimathea

The Uncle of Jesus and the one who brought the "grail" back to Ancient Britain. What parts of his story have been left out of history and why is he so ingrained into the ancient Celtic Church History 

St Columba

A revered Irish monk who brought Christianity to Scotland, by founding the first church on the Isle of Iona.

Finn MacCool

Warrior Druid famous in Irish and Scottish Mythology

Also Included in the Course!

Gnostic Aramaic Lesson - 2 Videos

(The Language of Jesus & The Essenes)

Oliver will help you discover and connect with this mystical language and the original meanings of the Gnostic Scriptures. 

Celtic Sound Healing

Shamanic Celtic sound journey by Ryan

with Gaelic transmission

Guest Teacher

Alize Lily Mounter - Founder of the Celtic Rose Lineage

"The Sacred Heart of Celtic Christianity"


Course Format:

Once you Enroll in the course, You will gain access to:

Course Access to:


The Celtic Church Facebook Group

In the facebook group you will find all of the Live video content and an interactive community of people who are journeying through the

course with you.

 All Recorded Course Video Transmissions  (16 videos)

All of the Live videos from the course have been recorded and made accessible to you. Video content can be watched in your own timing and pace. The videos can be found in the Facebook group as well as a private course content page.


**All videos are also available on a Separate Course Content Webpage for anyone not on Facebook**

Course Cost: £222 GBP

Meet Oliver & Ryan

Oliver W Huntley

Oliver is a Wisdom Keeper, Writer, Storyteller, Teacher and Sacred Site Guide. Currently deepening his connection to the Land and Mysteries of Ancient Wales whilst writing his first book. He is on a soul mission to bring back lost Mystery School Wisdom and Initiations from the Druids, Gnostics and a lost Celtic Christianity.


Oliver is also a scholar specializing in the life and story of ‘Joseph of Arimathea’; who was an Uncle, mentor to Yeshua, guardian and protector to Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.  He is a passionate teacher for the ancient language of Aramaic spoken by Yeshua and the Essenes.


Oliver has over ten years of experience in holding land based retreats all over the world, specializing in the unification of the Gnostic and Druidic Mysteries of Avalon (Glastonbury) and Cymru (Wales). He has the rare ability to take you on an adventure uniting the worlds of Spiritual Initiation, Historical Knowledge and the Wisdom of Nature. Guiding individuals and groups through sacred journeys. Oliver weaves together sacred stories, ceremonies and teachings long forgotten from the Gnostics and Druids. Helping you remember and reconnect to the ancestral magic of the land and the stories of its holy history.

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Ryan McKenna

Ryan is a Son of Scotland. Born and bred in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city with a rich ancestral heritage in Scotland and Ireland, he embodies the ancient ways of his native land.


Ryan grew up spending a lot of his days exploring Scotland’s Highlands and Islands, with a burning passion for Scottish culture, history and folklore. and with his ardent love for nature, Ryan has developed a deep connection to the sacred sites of Scotland over the years.


Ryan is a multi-instrumentalist musician, health & wellness guru, astrologer as well as a tour guide. He has been facilitating and leading healing retreats since 2017, and in 2018 established the Sacred Scotland Tour. Ryan is dedicated to the reclamation of Scottish culture, through facilitating spaces of ancestral remembrance and celebration and his intention for creating the Sacred Scotland Tour is to reconnect people back into the power of their ethnicity, ancestral heritage and indigenous European roots.

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Terms & Conditions -

*Once you Pay and Enroll in the Course, The content will Always available for you to rewatch

*Videos and Content are not allowed to be Reshared Anywhere outside of the Course without permission  

*Course content is Copyright Protected & Belongs to Ryan & Oliver. All Rights Reserved.

*No Refunds will be given after the Course Begins 

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