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The Celtic Magdalene

A 7 Week Online Journey - Exploring the Stories and Lineages of The Celtic Magdalene

- Along with Guest Teacher & Gnostic Aramaic Lessons

8 Video Transmissions

Facilitators Oliver & Alize Introduces the Celtic Magdalene Course


Join us for an Illuminating Online Pilgrimage

as we are introduced to The Celtic Magdalene...

Mary Magdalene, One of the most important yet still mysterious figures of Christianity…

Yet Her Story, Her Origins and Her Legacy is far from Complete… 

You might be shocked to know there are many versions of “Mary”,

expanding to different locations in the world. 

  • There is the Magdalene they say comes from the Middle Eastern village called “Magdala”. 

  • There is the Magdalene that could connect to Egyptian and African Lineages.

  • There is the Magdalene that is found in the popular French Traditions. But did her story end there?..


Perhaps there is more to her story that continues on after France…


This is where we find The Celtic Magdalene... A forgotten & lesser known tale...

Discovered through Historical Foundations, Cultural Folklore & Stories, and Mystical Traditions that weave her into the Ancient British Isles…

Into These Emerald Lands...


From before the time of Jesus and well after his Crucifixion and Resurrection..

 You will find a fascinating and enriching narrative…


  • Bringing us into the Druidic Spirit of the Ancient British Isles..

  • Into The Foundations of one of the Oldest “Churches”, The Celtic Church

  • And through a Sophianic Feminine Wisdom Tradition that “Birthed the Circle” of the First Female Saints of Christianity.


Perhaps you have already felt her on these lands?

In the mists of Avalon or the Mossy Ancient Woodlands…

Perhaps you know in your Soul there is more of her story waiting to be told…


Come join as we meet “The Celtic Magdalene”..

Remembering an important and overlooked aspect of Her Story…

Her History...

Her Legacy...


Reclaiming the forgotten Lineage of Mary Magdalene in Ancient Albion (UK)


The Course will unfold over 7 Weeks....

And will have a total of 8 Live Video Transmissions....

all videos are recorded and posted after!

 Topics we will be Exploring during the Course...


Who is Mary Magdalene?

Let our Journey start with meeting the many faces, Traditions and Lineages of Mary Magdalene. Setting the Stage for the Celtic Magdalene.

The "Grail" Returns to Albion

Exploring the Story of Joseph of Arimathea (Guardian of Mary Magdalene) and how he brought the "Grail" back to Ancient Britain after the Crucifixion. Could the Grail be Mary Magdalene?... and how this Return helped create the Foundation of the Celtic Church. 

Magdalene Sites in the UK

Exploring some of the places in the British Isles that are linking to the Celtic Magdalene Traditions. (Glastonbury, Rosalyn Chapel and Western Isles of Scotland, Southern Wales and the Brecon Beacons.)

The first Female Saints of Celtic Christianity 

We will be brought into the presence of the first "Cor" or Celtic Christian School.

Meeting the Women who became the Golden Vessels of the Christ Light and

First Saints in Ancient Britain.

Mary of the Woods 

Who is the enigmatic "Mary of the Woods" spoken about in Celtic Traditions? And could she be the oldest reference we have to Mary Magdalene's Lineage in Ancient Britain?

Aramaic Video Lessons

Mary Magdalene_edited.png

The Aramaic Name of "mary Magdalene" - "Maryum Magdalitha" 

Was Mary Magdalene her name?... Or perhaps was it a Title?

 Qualities she possessed?.. Deeper aspects she embodied?..

When we open and decode her name in Aramaic,  we are brought into a new level of knowing through new Dimensions / Perspectives.

Keys to the Kingdom

Is Heaven a Place? .. Or a State of Being?

We will be exploring the Aramaic Words and Phrases for:

Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of God






To understand the Aramaic "Keys" to unlock the deeper levels of Yeshua's and Mary Magdalene's Teachings

Mlkoota Kingdom.png

Guest Teacher - Alize Lily

The Celtic Rose Lineage - An introduction to the Priestess Path of the Celtic Magdalene traditions. She will be leading you on a ceremonial journey and transmission. Including Embodiment Practices and Guided Meditation.  


About Alize - Alize Lily is a priestess, ceremonialist and guide for Sacred Union. She is the founder of the Celtic Rose Mystery School where she helps students from all over the world establish a connection to the Sacred Feminine, Priestess Path and Western Mysteries. With a complete devotion to walking ‘The Way Of Love’ through the teachings of the Celtic Rose Lineage and embodiment of the Sacred Heart. She is renowned for her mystical space holding, relatable authenticity, intuitive spontaneity and ability to help guide you to Union with the Divine. 

Course Format:

Once you Enroll in the course, You will gain access to:

Course Access to:


The Celtic Magdalene Facebook Group

In the Facebook group you will find all of the Live video content and an interactive community of people who are journeying through the

course with you.

 Live Course Video Transmissions  (8 videos)

All of the Live videos from the course will be recorded and made accessible to you. Video content can be watched in your own timing and pace. The videos can be found in the Facebook group as well as a private course content page.


**All videos are also available on a Separate Course Content Webpage for anyone not on Facebook**

8 Video Series

5x Storytelling & History Videos

2x Aramaic Videos

1x Guest Teacher Transmission

Price: £222

Meet Oliver


Oliver W Huntley

Oliver is a Wisdom Keeper, Writer, Storyteller, Teacher and Sacred Site Guide. Currently deepening his connection to the Land and Mysteries of Ancient Wales whilst writing his first book. He is on a soul mission to bring back lost Mystery School Wisdom and Initiations from the Druids, Gnostics and a lost Celtic Christianity.


Oliver is also a scholar specializing in the life and story of ‘Joseph of Arimathea’; who was an Uncle, mentor to Yeshua, guardian and protector to Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.  He is a passionate teacher for the ancient language of Aramaic spoken by Yeshua and the Essenes.


Oliver has over ten years of experience in holding land based retreats all over the world, specializing in the unification of the Gnostic and Druidic Mysteries of Avalon (Glastonbury) and Cymru (Wales). He has the rare ability to take you on an adventure uniting the worlds of Spiritual Initiation, Historical Knowledge and the Wisdom of Nature. Guiding individuals and groups through sacred journeys. Oliver weaves together sacred stories, ceremonies and teachings long forgotten from the Gnostics and Druids. Helping you remember and reconnect to the ancestral magic of the land and the stories of its holy history.

Terms & Conditions -

*Once you Pay and Enroll in the Course, The content will Always available for you to rewatch

*Videos and Content are not allowed to be Reshared Anywhere outside of the Course without permission  

*Course content is Copyright Protected & Belongs to Oliver. All Rights Reserved.

*No Refunds will be given after the Course Begins 

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