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Enchanted Symbols

Enchanted Symbols

Celtic Sacred Geometry

Exploring Celtic Sacred Geometry 

A 4 Week Online Journey - (4 Live Videos) 

Triskelion, Triquetra, Spiral, Celtic Knot,

Vesica Piscis, Tree of Life


Early Bird Price £77

Course Begins Sunday July 28th 2024

*All Live videos are recorded and posted after*

Facilitator Oliver Mathea Introduces the Course  

Discover the Magic of Celtic Sacred Geometry

We will dive deep into the mystical world of Celtic sacred geometry...

Where ancient symbols and divine patterns weave our consciousness into connection with the fabric of the universe.


This course invites you to explore:

Triskelion, Triquetra, Spiral, Celtic Knot, Vesica Piscis, Tree of Life

 Each holding profound meanings that connect us to the divine order. Through engaging lessons, historical study, practical exercises, and meditative practices, you'll unlock the secrets of these sacred patterns and learn to integrate them into your spiritual practice and daily life. Let the ancient wisdom of the Celts guide you to a deeper understanding and connection with the natural world. This is more than a course; it is a journey to the heart of Celtic wisdom and spiritual harmony...

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the significance and symbolism of Celtic sacred geometry.

  • To explore the historical and cultural context of these patterns.

  • To develop practical skills in creating and using sacred geometric designs.

  • To integrate sacred geometry into personal spiritual practices.


If these Celtic Sacred Geometry calls to you...

Then come join "Enchanted Symbols"

The Course will unfold over 4 Weeks....

And will have a total of 4 Live Video Transmissions....

all videos are recorded and posted after!

 Celtic Geometry Areas we will be Exploring during the Course...


Introduction to Celtic Sacred Geometry

(Video 1)

We begin our transformative journey with an exploration of Sacred Geometry across ancient civilizations... We will compare these universal patterns and engage in identifying them in various cultural images. 

Exploring the historical context of Celtic art and spirituality... And introducing the 6 Celtic Geometry Symbols we will be learning about during this Course.

This foundational week sets the stage for our journey into the

heart of Celtic Sacred Geometry.

The Triskelion and Triquetra:

Symbols of Motion and Unity

(video 2)

In Video 2 we delve into the intricate symbolism and profound meanings behind two iconic Celtic symbols: the Triskelion and the Triquetra.


We will explore the dynamic energy and perpetual motion represented by the triskelion.  Alongside this, you'll uncover the sacred geometry of the triquetra, the elegant three-cornered knot that epitomizes unity and interconnectedness. 

The Spiral and the Vesica Piscis:

Pathways to Spiritual Growth and Unity

(Video 3)

In Video 3 we explore the profound symbolism and spiritual significance of the Spiral and the Vesica Piscis, two powerful geometric forms found abundantly in nature and Celtic art...

And have captivated ancient and modern seekers alike.

The Celtic Knot and Tree of Life:

Interconnection and Cosmic Order

(video 4)

In Video 4 we journey into the depths of the Celtic Knot and the Tree of Life... Two profound symbols of interconnection and cosmic harmony.


The Celtic Knot, with its intricate and unending loops...

 The Tree of Life, a powerful emblem found through Celtic spirituality...



Course Format:

Once you Enroll in the course, You will gain access to:

The Facebook Group

In the Facebook group you will find all of the Live video content and an interactive community of people who are journeying through the

course with you.

 Live Course Video Transmissions  (4 videos)

All of the Live videos from the course will be recorded and made accessible to you. Video content can be watched in your own timing and pace. The videos can be found in the Facebook group as well as a private course content page.


**All videos are also available on a Separate Course Content Webpage for anyone not on Facebook**

The Course Begins Sunday July 28th, 2024

The Live Video Broadcasts will be every Sunday at 7pm (UK Time)

  • Video 1- July 28th, (7pm UK)

  • Video 2- Aug 4th,  (7pm UK)

  • Video 3- Aug 11th, (7pm UK)

  • Video 4- Aug 18th, (7pm UK)


Early Bird Price - £77

(Until Saturday July 13th)

Regular Price - £99

Meet Oliver


Oliver W Mathea

Oliver is a Wisdom Keeper, Writer, Storyteller, Teacher and Sacred Site Guide. Currently deepening his connection to the Land and Mysteries of Ancient Wales whilst writing his first book. He is on a soul mission to bring back lost Mystery School Wisdom and Initiations from the Druids, Gnostics and a lost Celtic Christianity.


Oliver is also a scholar specializing in the life and story of ‘Joseph of Arimathea’; who was an Uncle, mentor to Yeshua, guardian and protector to Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.  He is a passionate teacher for the ancient language of Aramaic spoken by Yeshua and the Essenes.


Oliver has over ten years of experience in holding land based retreats all over the world, specializing in the unification of the Gnostic and Druidic Mysteries of Avalon (Glastonbury) and Cymru (Wales). He has the rare ability to take you on an adventure uniting the worlds of Spiritual Initiation, Historical Knowledge and the Wisdom of Nature. Guiding individuals and groups through sacred journeys. Oliver weaves together sacred stories, ceremonies and teachings long forgotten from the Gnostics and Druids. Helping you remember and reconnect to the ancestral magic of the land and the stories of its holy history.

Terms & Conditions -

*Once you Pay and Enroll in the Course, The content will Always available for you to rewatch

*Videos and Content are not allowed to be Reshared Anywhere outside of the Course without permission  

*Course content is Copyright Protected & Belongs to Oliver. All Rights Reserved.

*No Refunds will be given after the Course Begins 

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