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Dragon Lines of Albion

A 4 Week Online Journey - Exploring the Mysteries and Arcane Science of Britain's Ancient

Earth Energy Grids

Ley Lines - Stone Circles - Vortexes - Dousing 

5 Video Course 

Facilitator Oliver Huntley Introduces the Course  


Step into the Arcane Science of Geomancy with this exciting course designed to unravel the mysteries of Britain’s Energy Grids and Sacred Sites.

There are subtle energy pathways that permeate the Earth...

Currents of Energy that can be harnessed for Healing, Divination, and Spiritual Connection.

In the Lands of Ancient Britain, The Druids called this system of Earth Energies "The Dragon Lines"...

To them these lines of energy were like a Dragon moving through the land...

connecting important sites and areas of land together in a vast network.

 The Druids honored these energies as integral and fundamental to their spirituality...

And they worked in collaboration with these Grids..

Measuring them... Mapping them...

Even Building their Ancient Sites of Worship

in connection to these Earth Energies.

And now these Dragon lines which have been in a slumber are waking back up...

Waiting for us to Remember them... To Feel Them...

And Work with them once more just as the ancients Druids of Albion once did.

Do you feel this remembrance as a Grid Worker? Do the Dragon Lines call to you?..

During this Course we are going to help you Learn and Expand your understanding about...

  • What are these Dragon Lines and the energies that flow through them?

  • Why are so many Sacred Sites (Stone Circles, Standing Stones) found on these Lines?

  • What happens when these lines and energy concentrate and/or cross?

  • Can I learn to sense these Energies myself through dousing and divining?


If these topics fascinate and excite you... Then come join "Dragon Lines of Albion"

Where Mystical Insights and the Powers of Earth Converge

to Reveal Secrets Hidden within the Landscape. 


The Course will unfold over 4 Weeks....

And will have a total of 5 Live Video Transmissions....

all videos are recorded and posted after!

 Geomancy Areas we will be Exploring during the Course...


The Dragon Lines

(1 Video)

Energetic pathways that network the Earth's surface.

These Pathways are called "Ley Lines" or "Dragon Lines" - Teluric and Magnetic Channels created through Geomantic Forces within the Earth. 

We be learning about the Arcane Science of Ley Lines from a Druidic Perspective, (Including Maps, Cultural Wisdom and Stories) These pathways carry the life force of the Earth, or ‘Dragon Energy,’ symbolizing the serpentine currents that course beneath the land. These invisible lines are channels through which the Earth's primal energies flow...

Connecting sites of spiritual significance and creating a network of ancient wisdom.


By engaging with these lines, Druids seek to harmonize with the natural rhythms and healing energies of the Earth, fostering spiritual growth and enhancing their deep, ancestral connection to the landscape.

Wisdom of the Stones

(1 Video)

Stone Circles and Megalithic Sites

Stone circles and Druidic stone sites across Albion are not merely relics of a bygone era but integral components of the ley line grid that interweaves the landscape...

 Serving as potent conduits of earth energy.

These ancient monuments are strategically placed at points where ley lines intersect, harnessing and amplifying the natural flow of geomantic forces. Through meticulous alignment with celestial and terrestrial forces, these stone circles and sites act as gatekeepers and amplifiers of the mystical energies that flow through the land of Albion.


(1 Video)

"Thin Places" in Celtic Mythology

Vortexes are powerful energy spots on the Earth where ley lines converge and intersect, creating concentrated points of power. These intersections act as amplifiers, enhancing the vibrational frequencies of the area... 

Creating places of high spiritual and healing potential.

The Druids called these area "Thin Places", where the thinning veil between dimensions can facilitate profound experiences of insight, clarity, and connection to the spiritual realm. 

As gateways to the Earth's deeper energies, vortexes attract those seeking transformative encounters, serving as natural temples where earth energies are harnessed for meditation, healing, and deeper communion with the natural world.

Attuning to the Grids

(2 Videos)

(bonus video with Guest Teacher Adam Griffith)

Learning how to sense the Dragon Lines & Grid Energies

Feeling the Energetic Currents of the Earth involves cultivating a heightened awareness and sensitivity to the subtle forces that permeate the land.

We will be learning the technique of Dowsing (using rods or pendulums to detect energy flows). Along with ways to enhance our intuitive faculties... developing an inner sensing mechanism to feel the pulsations and shifts in energy that occur within these powerful lines and sacred sites.

Through these methods, individuals can not only identify and map these energies but also learn how to harmonize their own energetic field with the vibrations of the Earth, enhancing both personal well-being and spiritual growth. 

Guest Teacher - Adam Griffith



About Adam - Adam Griffith is a Writer, historian & leyhunter. He is dedicated to following the footsteps of his bardic ancestors to keep flame of British-Welsh history burning; to be a light of truth In the world for those seeking to reawaken the sacred Pendragon & holy blood lineages. 


You'll often find him visiting sacred sites and sharing his experience and stories on the 'Matter of Britain' YouTube channel.


Course Format:

Once you Enroll in the course, You will gain access to:

The Facebook Group

In the Facebook group you will find all of the Live video content and an interactive community of people who are journeying through the

course with you.

 Live Course Video Transmissions  (5 videos)

All of the Live videos from the course will be recorded and made accessible to you. Video content can be watched in your own timing and pace. The videos can be found in the Facebook group as well as a private course content page.


**All videos are also available on a Separate Course Content Webpage for anyone not on Facebook**

5 Video Course

4x Geomancy and Storytelling Videos

1x Guest Teacher Transmission


Price to join - £111

Meet Oliver


Oliver W Huntley

Oliver is a Wisdom Keeper, Writer, Storyteller, Teacher and Sacred Site Guide. Currently deepening his connection to the Land and Mysteries of Ancient Wales whilst writing his first book. He is on a soul mission to bring back lost Mystery School Wisdom and Initiations from the Druids, Gnostics and a lost Celtic Christianity.


Oliver is also a scholar specializing in the life and story of ‘Joseph of Arimathea’; who was an Uncle, mentor to Yeshua, guardian and protector to Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.  He is a passionate teacher for the ancient language of Aramaic spoken by Yeshua and the Essenes.


Oliver has over ten years of experience in holding land based retreats all over the world, specializing in the unification of the Gnostic and Druidic Mysteries of Avalon (Glastonbury) and Cymru (Wales). He has the rare ability to take you on an adventure uniting the worlds of Spiritual Initiation, Historical Knowledge and the Wisdom of Nature. Guiding individuals and groups through sacred journeys. Oliver weaves together sacred stories, ceremonies and teachings long forgotten from the Gnostics and Druids. Helping you remember and reconnect to the ancestral magic of the land and the stories of its holy history.

Terms & Conditions -

*Once you Pay and Enroll in the Course, The content will Always available for you to rewatch

*Videos and Content are not allowed to be Reshared Anywhere outside of the Course without permission  

*Course content is Copyright Protected & Belongs to Oliver. All Rights Reserved.

*No Refunds will be given after the Course Begins 

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